July 21, 2019

Once a year, we source the very best summer fruits from around the world for Summer Marché, where we turn our entire pastry case into a farmers market fruit stand. This year in Soho from MON. JULY 22-SUN. JULY 28, we’ve made 11 different fresh fruit tarts, including:

  • Peach Pie Donut Peach Tart with red peach jam & honey thyme ganache
  • Harry’s Berries Strawberry Tart with juicy ripe Harry’s Berries strawberries from Southern California, strawberry jam, & anise mascarpone ganache
  • Champagne Mango Tart with sliced champagne mangoes (a variety with a floral honey flavor and almost no fibrous texture), mango jam, & Madagascar vanilla ganache
  • Rosé Raspberry Tart with pink-ombré hues California rosé raspberries, raspberry jam, & basil ganache
  • Black Mission Fig Tart with sliced black mission figs (which first came to the US when missionaries planted them in San Diego), fig jam, & shisho ganache
  • Maradol Papaya Tart with fragrant Maradol papayas (which have a sweet ripe melon flavor and soft tender texture), lime ganache, & lime jam
  • Rambutan Tart with fresh rambutan (similar to lychee with juicy flesh and sweet floral notes), lychee ganache, almond frangipane, & lime zest
  • Fresh Passion Fruit Tart with creamy Valrhona milk chocolate ganache & fresh passionfruit agar (with tart fruity notes and seeds that pop)
  • Kingsburg Orchards Red Pluot Tart with sliced pluots (a hybrid between plums and apricots from a 5th generation farm in Kingsburg, California), almond frangipane, & maple brown sugar ganache
  • Golden Pineapple Tart with juicy golden pineapples from Costa Rica, lime zest, fromage blanc chantilly, & tropical guava jam
  • Blackberry Earl Grey Tart with hand-picked blackberries & creamy earl grey tea-infused ganache

PLUS: Summer Marché will be coming to LA (July 29-Aug 4) and London (Aug 2-4) too!