May 22, 2013

This summer, Chef Dominique Ansel is delighted to launch the “Pastry Chef Series” – a collection of six desserts done in collaboration with some of his favorite pastry chefs in the United States and France.

Starting May 24th, every two weeks Dominique Ansel Bakery will feature a dessert item that is a joint creation between Chef Ansel and one other notable pastry chef, which includes such industry stalwarts as Johnny Iuzzini, Michael Laiskonis, Francisco Migoya, Sherry Yard, along with Christophe Michalak, the Executive Pastry Chef of the Plaza Athenée in Paris and winner of the Coupe du Monde and former longstanding Fauchon Executive Pastry Chef, Christophe Adam.

“A lot of times when people want dessert, the first question they ask themselves is: ‘What flavors am I in the mood for? Chocolate? Strawberry?’ and that is how they make their choice on what to order,” says Chef Ansel. “But when I want dessert, I ask myself: ‘Which pastry chef’s work am I in the mood for?’ and that is how I choose. It’s like going to sushi restaurant and getting the omakase; sometimes you just trust the chef.”

Pastry Chef Series Calendar:

May 24 – June 8: M. Laiskonis (“Courrone”: ginger caramel, dark chocolate parfait, orange mousse)
June7 – June 20: J. Iuzzini (Raspberry Mint Passion Fruit Pavlova)
June 21 – July 4: S. Yard (Cannele Popover with Strawberry Jam)
July 5 – July 16: F. Migoya (Yuzu Praline Tart with Microbasil)
July 19 – August 8: C. Michalak (100% Caramel Religieuse)
August 2 – August 15: C. Adam (Popcorn Eclair with Caramel Mascarpone Cream)