July 4, 2019

This year marks Chef Dominique’s 15th year in New York City, so to celebrate, we’ve transformed our entire pastry case into a dessert tribute to NYC with 9 brand new pastries inspired by all the things we love about the Big Apple! From a Bodega Coffee Cup Tiramisu to an “Everything Bagel & Schmear” Pavlova, a New York Slice of pizza (that’s actually a strawberry tart), a Haute Dog made of raspberry cremeux and lady finger “buns” and more – it’s the most delicious ode to NYC!  

Stop in to the Bakery through Labor Day (September 2nd) to try the full line-up, which includes:   

  • Bodega Coffee Tiramisu – a nod to those iconic blue coffee cups at the corner bodega, with espresso & amaretto-soaked almond biscuit, mascarpone ganache, and dark chocolate mousse
  • “Everything Bagel & Schmear” Pavlova – honey graham cracker meringue topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and toasted coconut, filled with cheesecake mousse and sour cherry jam
  • New York Slice – a slice of “pizza” that’s actually a strawberry tart, with fromage blanc mousse, fresh sliced strawberries, strawberry basil jam, kirsch-soaked almond biscuit, and a vanilla sablé “crust”
  • Pretzel – inspired by fluffy street cart soft pretzels, with pretzel bavaroise, soft caramel, and crispy peanut butter feuilletine
  • Haute Dog – New Yorkers’ favorite snack, a hot dog with the works! – but in this case, made with fluffy biscuit à la cuillère (ladyfingers) soaked in coconut syrup, with raspberry cremeux, passion fruit curd, and shredded coconut
  • A Bite of the Big Apple – with apple gelée, fresh Gala apples, and vanilla bavaroise, set atop vanilla sablé with a hint of sharp cheddar (a nod to a classic apple pie crust)
  • A Stroll in Central Park Chocolate Hazelnut Acorn – hazelnut mousse, blackberry crème de cassis jam, hazelnut dacquoise, and crispy hazelnut feuilletine
  • Yellow Taxi Salted Caramel Éclair – filled with creamy salted caramel pastry cream
  • Spring Street Chocolate Éclair – filled with chocolate pastry cream and named for our Soho home and the Spring Street station down the block!