November 3, 2014

While Chef Ansel’s cookbook contains beginner recipes easily replicated by the home cook, the At-Home Cronut® pastry recipe is one of the most challenging. It has already been simplified compared to the proprietary recipe Chef Ansel’s uses in his bakery kitchen, but it does require the same amount of time: more than three days of preparation. Advanced techniques, from laminating dough to making ganaches and practicing with a piping bag, are all part of the skills that home cooks will need.

“I wanted to offer a range of recipes in the book. Some just need a whisk and are simple to follow. The At-Home Cronut® is one of the biggest challenges,” said Chef Ansel. “But let’s not underestimate the home cook. There are some amazing ones out there, like Alexander [Weiss], who will be able to perfect it. I saw him make a macaron in under an hour on MASTERCHEF JUNIOR – that’s impressive.”

“I love to bake. Cupcakes, macarons, you name it,” added Weiss. “Being a part of MASTERCHEF JUNIOR was such an awesome experience.  And now, to have the chance to be the first to try the At-Home Cronut® recipe with Chef Ansel is like the icing on the most amazing cake!”