September 6, 2013

Chef Dominique Ansel’s new creation, the Magic Soufflé debuts with crowds that could rival the Cronut®. After holding a 21Q’s game via Twitter where fans and foodies guessed what the new item would be, Chef Ansel reveals that this delicate dessert will feature a Grand Marnier chocolate soufflé encased within a toasted orange blossom brioche.

No dish in the pastry repertoire is more fear-inducing than the soufflé. It’s soft, airy form threatens to sink and collapse even in the hands of the most experienced dessert cook. So just how did Chef Dominique Ansel manage to maintain its perfect texture and moist melted center without collapsing and bake it entirely enclosed in a homemade brioche bun?

“While the recipe of the soufflé is simple and straightforward – chocolate, sugar, egg whites — the techniques are where the magic comes in,” reveals Chef, keeping certain parts in the construction of the soufflé secret.

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