May 10, 2013

Introducing, the Cronut® – half croissant, half doughnut unique pastry creation of Chef Dominique Ansel. Each one consists of a specialty croissant dough that has been proofed, then fried. To flavor, the cronuts are first tossed in sugar, and then filled with Tahitian vanilla ganache, and finally finished with a rose glaze and crystallized rose petals.

With news of the Cronut® reported by New York Magazine, and later covered by Fox News, Thrillist, and Eater, the fans have gone wild over Chef Dominique Ansel’s newest creation. The bakery sold out of it’s inaugural batch within the first 20 minutes and have been increasing production (and selling out before noon) each day since.

Cronut® flavors will change monthly, so please check back for June’s flavor!

Tips to eating a Cronut®:

1. Cut with a serrated knife to avoid crushing the delicate layers.

2. Eat immediately as they have a short shelf life (about 6 hours)

3. You can either eat a Cronut® all in one bite, or peel off the layers one by one (think: mille crepe cake)!