NY Mag

Adam Platt’s "Where to Eat 2014"

10th January 2014

New York Magazine’s restaurant critic lists his picks for the best food in town, right this minute. He rounds out his picks with dessert at Dominique Ansel Bakery, where he has tried a range of desserts from the chocolate eclairs to lychee pavlova to his favorite: the DKA. And yes, he’s had a Cronut®.

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Time Magazine

TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2013: The Cronut®

15th November 2013

For 2013, TIME Magazine asked: What makes an invention great? For some, it was solving a problem that never could be solved. And in other cases, it was about solving problems you didn’t you had. “Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to eat a croissant and doughnut at the same time,” TIME reports. “Now you …

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GMA pinecone

GMA Digs into Gingerbread Pinecones

30th September 2013

Pop News brings Chef Dominique Ansel’s newest Fall dessert, the Gingerbread Pinecone to a panel of willing and eager taste testers.

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Magic Souffle

The Chew Weighs in on the Magic Soufflé!

12th September 2013

Hosts on ABC’s The Chew taste tested the Magic Soufflé and gave rave reviews! “Another genius invention by Dominique Ansel,” says Mario Batali. “It’s like the Cronut®. Now that I know about it. I’m going to want more of it.” Carla Hall also gave her yummy feedback, although it was hard to understand with her …

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Magic Souffle

Chef Ansel’s Magic Soufflé makes Yahoo!’s Front Page

9th September 2013

Chef Dominique Ansel’s Fall creation, the Magic Soufflé, adds a little bit sparkle to a classic treat by making it modern, portable, and never-collapsing. Just how did Chef Ansel make this concoction? A little bit of the process (but not all) is revealed in this Yahoo! Blue Ribbon Hunter Series. To watch, click here.

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magic souffle

Introducing the Magic Soufflé

6th September 2013

Chef Dominique Ansel’s new creation, the Magic Soufflé debuts with crowds that could rival the Cronut®. After holding a 21Q’s game via Twitter where fans and foodies guessed what the new item would be, Chef Ansel reveals that this delicate dessert will feature a Grand Marnier chocolate soufflé encased within a toasted orange blossom brioche. …

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WSJ Live

WSJ Talks to Customers in Line at Dominique Ansel Bakery

23rd August 2013

WSJ Live sits down with Chef Dominique Ansel to talk about life after his Blockbuster Pastry, and shows him what some of his fans in line have to say about why they wait.

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Scott Stringer Endorses the Cronut® in his Comptroller Debate

14th August 2013

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was asked during the Lightning Round of his Comptroller Debate against Eliot Spritzer a shocking question: Have you tried a Cronut®? The reporters at Gothamist went on a mission to secure a Cronut® for Springer from Dominique Ansel Bakery, who then declared it was “the most delicious thing he’s ever …

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Frozen Smore

NY1 Celebrates National S’mores Day with a Frozen S’more

12th August 2013

NY1 reporter Lauren Scala lists her favorite places to find S’mores on National S’more Day (August 10th), saves the best for last with Chef Dominique Ansel’s Frozen S’mores. Click here to watch the full footage, complete with zoom-ups of torched-to-order deliciousness.

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Crane TV

Chef Dominique Ansel’s Favorite Big Apple Eats

6th August 2013

It was just 8 years ago when Chef Dominique Ansel first came to New York, and now him and his iconic creation has become synonymous with the city. Find out where he goes for those other classic Big Apple bites from the best hot dog to burger to thin crust pizza.

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