aol build

AOLBuild Features Chef Dominique and Ed Levine Q&A

12th December 2014

AOL Build live streams Chef Dominique’s talk with Ed Levine, founder of, today on his experience growing up and how he became the chef he is. They talk through the stories in his new cookbook, The Secret Recipes, and answer some of the audience’s questions. Watch here.  

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Tart Tatin

Serious Eats Highlights the 25-Layer Tart Tatin

14th October 2014

With the Fall officially hear and the peak of apple harvest season, Serious Eats aptly talks about the Tarte Tatin and it’s golden comeback into New York restaurants. Chef Dominique’s 25-layer Tarte Tatin makes it to the list of the top with is tender salted butter cookie and layer after layer of caramelization (the apples …

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Serious Eats' NYC Best French Bakeries

Serious Eats’ NYC Best French Bakeries

11th July 2014

We’re excited to be one of Serious Eats’ Best French Bakeries in NYC. With the bakery and pastry culture alive and growing, here are a list of the great places named.

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marshmallow apple

Sugar Rush’s Best New York Sweets of 2012

30th December 2012

The popular Sugar Rush column for Serious Eats recounts the best sweets in 2012, and picks our Apple Marshmallow! A delicious life-sized apple that is actually made from a vanilla marshmallow filled with a salted caramel core. For more on this story and to see the slideshow, click here.

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