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The Daily Telegraph Talks Book & Sweets

10th March 2015

The Daily Telegraph UK chats with Chef Dominique about the British edition of his book and “what’s next”!  Click here for the full article.

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entertainment weekly

Entertainment Weekly Features "The Secret Recipes"

26th November 2014

Entertainment Weekly shines light on Chef Dominique’s first cookbook, The Secret Recipes. There’s no better time than the holidays to add this to your book shelves at home.

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Chef Dominique Visits Facebook and Magic Happens!

Chef Dominique Visits Facebook and Magic Happens!

10th November 2014

From printing posters using actual dark chocolate (think: lick-able wallpaper in Willy Wonka) to doing a 5-minute “culinary hack” using whatever ingredient he could find in the office pantry, Chef Dominique shakes up the Facebook campus on his book tour for Dominique Ansel: the Secret Recipes. Check it out here.

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Dominique Alexander

MasterChef Jr Winner Alexander Weiss Aces the At-Home Cronut®

3rd November 2014

While Chef Ansel’s cookbook contains beginner recipes easily replicated by the home cook, the At-Home Cronut® pastry recipe is one of the most challenging. It has already been simplified compared to the proprietary recipe Chef Ansel’s uses in his bakery kitchen, but it does require the same amount of time: more than three days of …

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gma recipe reveal

GMA’s Exclusive First Reveal of the At-Home Cronut® Recipe

6th October 2014

Good Morning America announces that Chef Dominique has revealed his At-Home Cronut® recipe from his soon-to-be-released book, DOMINIQUE ANSEL: The Secret Recipes (out on October 28th). The recipe took the chef more than 4 months to create using ingredients and techniques that are better suited for a home kitchen. See the first taste tests and …

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Dominique Ansel Secret Recipes

PEOPLE: 16 Cookbooks You Need this Fall

25th September 2014

PEOPLE Magazine picks the “16 Cookbooks You Need this Fall”, and Chef Dominique’s debut book — Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes — made the list. For more information on the book, check out And for other fun Fall reads, click here for the full slideshow.

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43 most anticipated books

The Most Anticipated Cookbooks This Fall

25th August 2014

Eater rounds up the nations most highly anticipated cookbooks coming out this fall, including Chef Dominique’s first cookbook. Click here to the other list of exciting reads.

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