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New York Post Taste Tests the Cookie Shot

14th March 2014

New York Post gets a first taste of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot. Their thoughts? “The cookie portion, served warm, is a textbook-delicious chocolate cookie. Despite having to serve as a glass, it’s remarkably soft inside, with just the right level of buttery-brown-sugary crunch on the outside. The melted Valrhona chocolate flakes are evenly and …

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Cookie Shot

Cookie Shots Come to New York!

With the massive success of his Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots in SXSW, the star item is making it’s way to New York.  Starting Friday (March 14th), the cookie shots will be offered daily from 3pm onwards. For more details, read here. *Update*: Following some additional tests and tweaks from the kitchen, the cookie shots will …

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cookie shot

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Hits SXSW

11th March 2014

Chef Dominique’s newest invention takes SXSW by storm with lines four blocks down for his late night saloon event, where the pastry debut alongside Texas’ first appearance of the Cronut®. Each chocolate chip cookie is shaped like a real-size shot glass and filled with our organic milk, which is cold-infused with Tahitian vanilla for 24 …

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