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Zagat Spotlights the Frozen S’more

31st July 2013

Zagat reporter James Mulcalhy starts off by writing: Can anything top the Cronut®, Dominique Ansel’s creation that has taken over the country’s collective sweet tooth? Short answer: no. But, since we can’t talk Cronut® all the time (only 98% of it)… Click here to look at another treat Chef was making when the team visited. …

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Torching up Frozen S’mores with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC

29th July 2013

Chef Dominique visits the set of “On the Money” with Maria Bartiromo to talk about his other inventions prior to and after the Cronut® Craze. “I don’t want the creation to kill the creativity,” says the Chef when asked why he doesn’t just make more Cronut® pastries. He explains his cooking philosophy and how innovation …

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today show

Frozen S’mores on the TODAY Show

20th July 2013

All four anchors were eager to sign up for the segment where Chef Dominique toasts up some Frozen S’mores to order. “Your the dessert mash-up king,” comments Carson Daly before taking a bite into the sweet concoction. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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thrillist frozen smore

Thrillist Taste Tests the Frozen S’more

15th July 2013

A custard ice cream center that’s covered with crispy chocolate wafer chips, and all enrobed in a modified frozen marshmallow? Thrillist digs into Chef Dominique Ansel’s Frozen S’mores, and gets up close to the flames as these babies are torched to order. They even come on their own apple wood smoked tree branch. For the …

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frozen smores

TimeOut New York Breaks News on the Frozen S’more

12th July 2013

Chef Dominique Ansel introduced a new item to his summer line up: the Frozen S’more. The Chef fills a modified marshmallow recipe that can be frozen with a delicious vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate feuilletine. In lieu of a cone, he Frozen S’more is then served on a willow branch that has been smoked …

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