Birthday Cake for Saveur's 20th Birthday!

Birthday Cake for Saveur’s 20th Birthday!

15th July 2014

To celebrate Saveur Magazine’s 20th anniversary, pastry chefs from around the nation gathered together to make their version of a birthday cake fitting for two decades of the magazine’s impact on bringing recipes into the home kitchen. Chef Dominique’s creation featured a “ratatouille-inspired” charlotte that was decorated with stone fruits, passion fruit, and lady fingers …

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Dominique Ansel Bakery is turning 1!

8th November 2012

To celebrate our anniversary, the team from Tumblr came by to do a video. Here, they follow one of our favorite¬† pastries — Chef Dominique’s religieuse (a two tiered cream puff ) — and it’s many incarnations. Remember our super cute French religieuse (with a marshmallow beret) or the ones dressed up as bride and …

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