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12th December 2014

Chef Dominique’s book #TheSecretRecipes is TIME Magazine’s top list of gifts for this holiday season. “You may recognize the invention before his name: Ansel invented the Cronut®. But The Secret Recipes proves that the dessert maestro is anything but a one trick pony — he focuses hard here on what inspires him to whip up …

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TIME Magazine's Pop Charts & The Cronut® Pastry

TIME Magazine’s Pop Charts & The Cronut® Pastry

22nd July 2014

TIME Magazine’s Pop Charts this week covered a history of some landmark from McDonald’s Michael Jordan-inspired McJordan barbecue sauce which sold for close to $10,000 on eBay two decades later to Twinkies that went on sale for $60 after the Hostess closed to 2013: the Cronut® pastry black market.

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Time Magazine

TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2013: The Cronut®

15th November 2013

For 2013, TIME Magazine asked: What makes an invention great? For some, it was solving a problem that never could be solved. And in other cases, it was about solving problems you didn’t you had. “Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to eat a croissant and doughnut at the same time,” TIME reports. “Now you …

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Time Magazine

Time Magazine’s Pop Charts for Summer of 2013 Feature Cronut® pastries

25th June 2013

Time Magazine trends the hottest topics of this summer, and talks about the Cronut®!

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