Time Out NY’s Gift Guide Highlights the Peppermint Brittle Brick

29th November 2013

We’ve got an exciting line up of holiday items, and Time Out New York’s 2013 Gift Guide chose their favorite – the Peppermint Brittle Brick. Made of a buttercrunch brittle covered with peppermint candies, the fun part of this candy brick is the miniature ball-peen hammer that is pushed into the brittle itself. Removable and …

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Time Out NY

Time Out NY chooses our Apple Marshmallow as Halloween’s Hottest Treat

24th October 2012

What’s better than a candied apple? A life-sized apple marshmallow, that’s what! Our super smooth vanilla marshmallow comes with a soft salted caramel core and is fashioned to look a scarlet red apple. Cut through the milk chocolate shell and get decadent slices of deliciousness — perfect for pairing with hot chocolate or hot apple …

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