the chew gingerbread croissant

Gingerbread Croissant on The Chew

5th December 2014

THIS is the reaction from the host of ABC’s The Chew when the first try the Gingerbread Croissant (complete with Mario Batali first pump). “He has never disappointed us,” says the judging table. Watch how it went down here (at the 6:30 mark).

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Magic Souffle

The Chew Weighs in on the Magic Soufflé!

12th September 2013

Hosts on ABC’s The Chew taste tested the Magic Soufflé and gave rave reviews! “Another genius invention by Dominique Ansel,” says Mario Batali. “It’s like the Cronut®. Now that I know about it. I’m going to want more of it.” Carla Hall also gave her yummy feedback, although it was hard to understand with her …

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