cookie shot pour

Daily Meal Reviews the Cookie Shot

17th March 2014

The Daily Meal covers Chef Dominique Ansel’s newest invention: the cookie shot. With customers waiting up to 3 hours prior to it coming out at 3pm daily, one customer said, “It’s a great time to be alive because of this cookie.” “You know everyone in New York is about eating healthier, juicing, but when you …

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International Business Times

International Business Times Joins Us for National Doughnut Day

7th June 2013

IBT reporters waited at the door this morning, along with more than 150 other Cronut® fans in line to score a bite of this tasty new treat. Chef Dominique Ansel sits down and speaks with them about the future of Cronut® pastries and how this will “never become a Cronut® shop.” Click here to see …

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Good Day New York

Good Day New York and Fox 5 News Covers Cronut® Lines LIVE

29th May 2013

Good Day New York sent along the Fox 5 News crew to witness the lines outside the bakery live, and interview customers as they wait for the Cronut®. With lines now forming by 6:30am, people from New Yorkers to New Zealanders are willing to put in time for a taste. Click here to see the …

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eye witness news

Eyewitness News Anchors Dig In on Cronut® pastries

25th May 2013

Channel 7 Eyewitness News covers the story of the Cronut® craze in New York, and manages to get their hands on just four Cronut® pastries. Watch as anchor Liz Cho takes her very first bite!

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Dominique Ansel Bakery is turning 1!

8th November 2012

To celebrate our anniversary, the team from Tumblr came by to do a video. Here, they follow one of our favorite  pastries — Chef Dominique’s religieuse (a two tiered cream puff ) — and it’s many incarnations. Remember our super cute French religieuse (with a marshmallow beret) or the ones dressed up as bride and …

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