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Quirky Talks Reinvention Through Pastry

25th February 2015

How do you reinvent the world through pastry. Our friends @Quirky peek behind the of Chef Dominique’s morning and how he can tell when he’s got a hit.  

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Fast Company Covers Chef Dominique & Innovation

9th September 2014

What do you do when you’ve created the biggest thing slice sliced bread (literally)? Fast Company sits down with Chef Dominique and finds out why he believes change and constant creativity is life. Read here for the full article.

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Chef Dominique Talks Innovation with New York Ideas

10th May 2014

Holding a torch to a Frozen S’more at the New York Historical Society, Chef Dominique Ansel gathered along with an impressive list of influencers to talk about what he believes in innovation above all.

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The Guardian’s Q&A with Chef Dominique

5th March 2014

The Guardian’s staggeringly Q&A with Chef Dominique talks about his childhood growing up poor, the difference between a chef and business man, and why he doesn’t want “the creation to kill the creativity”. Read the full article here.

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