TIME 2014 cookie shot

TIME 2014 "Objects that Moved the News"

17th December 2014

Chef Dominique Ansel’s cookie shot makes the list of TIME Magazine’s “Inanimate Objects that Moved the News in 2014” along with some other things we remember such as the Apple phone, Obama’s tan suit, U2’s free album, emoticons, and the Lego movie.

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Time Out NY 100 Best Dishes: The Cookie Shot!

11th December 2014

Most people would find it hard to follow up with a dessert after the Cronut®, but Chef Dominique does it again with the Cookie Shot. One year later, another pastry breaks the blogosphere and makes Time Out New York’s 100 Best Dishes in New York City. Congratulations to the amazing desserts featured on this list!

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cityharvest auction

8 Cookie Shots Raise $6.5K for City Harvest

25th April 2014

We love Chef Dominique’s dedication to doing good with the power of pastries. Last night at the City Harvest Gala, 8 cookie shots (along with a personal toast with Chef Dominique) raised $6.5K. It only takes 27 cents to bring a nutritious meal to someone in need here in New York.

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Dominique Ansel Secret Recipes

Chef Dominique’s Cover Reveal & Free Cronut® Pastries and Cookie Shots

18th April 2014

Chef Dominique Ansel unveils the cover for his highly anticipated cookbook, and to celebrate, he handed out Free Cronut® pastries and Cookie Shots in seven locations throughout Manhattan in his fun #followtherabbit campaign. For more news about the book, please visit www.dominiqueanselbook.com. And read here.

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cookie shot pour

Daily Meal Reviews the Cookie Shot

17th March 2014

The Daily Meal covers Chef Dominique Ansel’s newest invention: the cookie shot. With customers waiting up to 3 hours prior to it coming out at 3pm daily, one customer said, “It’s a great time to be alive because of this cookie.” “You know everyone in New York is about eating healthier, juicing, but when you …

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Complex City

Scenes from the Cookie Shot Line

Complex City Guides interviews the first group of people to ever try Chef Dominique Ansel’s Cookie Shot. Here are some scenes from the line on starting day.  

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Cookie Shot Line

The First Day of the Cookie Shot Draws Long Lines

15th March 2014

More than 160 fans lined up outside Dominique Ansel Bakery yesterday afternoon for the debut of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot, which is available daily at 3pm. The first person arrived around noon. For a recap of one journalist’s journey in line, read here.

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