Us weekly

US Weekly’s 50 Moment’s of 2013

30th December 2013

The Cronut® beat out Justin Bieber, the Super Bowl going dark, an “What Does the Fox Say?” as one of the 50 Moments of 2013!

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cronut 2013

WSJ’s Words that Popped in 2013

Along with Bitcoin and Selfies, the Cronut® was one of the words that popped in 2013 according to the Wall Street Journal. How did a small pastry define a moment in our pop culture? Read here for the rest.

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The Importance of Dominique Ansel & 2013’s Top Restaurants

18th December 2013

Bloomberg restaurant critic, Ryan Sutton, writes his commentary about Chef Dominique Ansel and his role as a pioneer in the changing direction of the New York culinary scene. We’re honored to be included in the company of such amazing new restaurants in this great city! For the full article, read here.

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people magazine

Cronut® Reaches Celeb Status on People Magazine’s 2013 Style List

It’s likely that the Cronut® is the only pastry to hit this level of celebredom as it makes People Magazine’s 2013 Stye List, right up there with Vine, pixie cuts, and selfies.

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cronut line

The Top Food Lists of 2013: The Cronut®

17th December 2013

The Cronut® made almost every single Top Food List of 2013, from People Magazine’s Top 10 Food Trends to CBS’s Top 13 “Talkers” (where the Cronut® was on the same list as the new Pope and the birth of the Royal baby) to Buzzfeed’s 20 “Most Earth Shattering Foods Born in 2013”. It’s an incredibly …

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Time Out NY’s Gift Guide Highlights the Peppermint Brittle Brick

29th November 2013

We’ve got an exciting line up of holiday items, and Time Out New York’s 2013 Gift Guide chose their favorite – the Peppermint Brittle Brick. Made of a buttercrunch brittle covered with peppermint candies, the fun part of this candy brick is the miniature ball-peen hammer that is pushed into the brittle itself. Removable and …

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Time Magazine

TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2013: The Cronut®

15th November 2013

For 2013, TIME Magazine asked: What makes an invention great? For some, it was solving a problem that never could be solved. And in other cases, it was about solving problems you didn’t you had. “Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to eat a croissant and doughnut at the same time,” TIME reports. “Now you …

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